When Machine Learning meets Media

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报告题目: When Machine Learning meets Media

报  告 人:李方方博士  

报告时间: 2019年62615:40-17:00

报告地点: 机电楼A407会议室



Machine learning is almost everywhere nowadays. In media industry, many interesting machine learning and deep learning products are in great progress right now, for example, news recommendation for digital media and billboard recommendation in out-of-home media. I will talk about some of data science research applications regarding recommender systems and text mining in media industry out of my research and work experience. You will also have opportunity to know more about how to study and work in Australia, how is the culture different from China in a question and answer session.



Dr. Fangfang Li is currently a data scientist from oOh!media in Australia. He has about eight years’ academic research experience and more than seven years’ commercial work experience in data science. He’s got his first PhD degree of Computer Software and Theory from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2014, and second one of Data Analytics from University of Technology Sydney in 2016. He has been serving as PC member in academic conferences such as AAAI, AusDM, and has about 20 high quality publications. His research interest mainly include: recommender system, natural language processing, media data mining, online advertising, and etc.